Why do you love the holidays?

I can't say I'm obsessed with holiday decorations but I do love these books that are filled with inspirational quotes from some of the biggest people in the world.Here's a list of some of my favorites, including:The books are all from Amazon and available to purchase for the holiday season.Check out my list of the best holiday book deals for 2017 here.Follow Jack on Twitter:@LizRibby

Trump: I won’t apologize for being anti-gay, even if I lose the election

Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, on Friday vowed to keep his anti-LGBT views out of the public eye as he tries to win over evangelicals in his first major test of whether he can recapture the White House in November."My message to you is, you're going to hear it from me: If you don't like it, don't vote for me," Trump said in an interview with conservative talk radio...

How to create a holiday tree ornament that’s not a tree

A simple Thanksgiving table decoration that takes a lot of care and can be done in a couple of hours can look beautiful and be a perfect way to mark the end of the holiday season.If you've got a few ideas for holiday decorating and you're looking for something different, we have a list of Thanksgiving table decor ideas to inspire you.For starters, you can use these Thanksgiving table decorations...

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