How to Decorate Your New Home

What you’ll need to decorate your new home.

• A table for dining • A chair for reading and listening • A bed • A dresser or dresser table for storing your clothes and other personal belongings • A cabinet or cabinet for storing food and other supplies • A wardrobe or closet for storing items that you want to wear for your wedding • A small table for making a meal of food, a small table with a countertop and a shelf for storing wine and spirits.

• Some space for a vanity, and a large table with an extension table and a mirror.

• An easel or a mirror or other mirror.• A cupboard to store food and personal belongings.• An area for playing cards and other cards.• a couch, or a sofa, or another seat.• an area for making bedding and pillows.• room for a bedside table, a shelf or a table with countertop.• some room for storage of clothes, or some space for decorating your house.• space for bookshelves or a shelf of books for reading, a desk or other storage.• closet or cabinet space for storing books and other materials.• storage for storage for books, jewelry, paintings and other artwork.• window or blinds, or other small window.• bathroom, or shower.• bedroom, or bath.• kitchen or other cooking area, or kitchen area for storing cooking utensils and other cooking equipment.• the living room or bedroom area for storage.

• bedroom or bathroom or bedroom or bedroom for storing clothes and personal effects, or for storing jewelry.• dressing room, or dressing room or bathroom for storing bedding.• bath or shower for storing soap and other bath products.• dining room or dining room for storing foods, drinks and other snacks, or storage for making dinner.• living room, bedroom or kitchen or bathroom, for storing gifts.• small table or table with table top for storage, or small table, table with shelf for storage and storage for decorations.

• a cabinet or closet space for storage or a small shelf for display.

• large table for storage with a cabinet.

• space for painting or sculpture.• more space for decorations, or more room for decoration ideas.

Source National Geographic articleHome is a big place, so here are some of the ideas that are sure to impress when you’re looking for inspiration to create your own home.

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