How to find a home office decoration thief

By Steve FongerPosted May 02, 2019 09:00:00A home office furniture thief can make a big mistake, and the damage could be costly.

According to a report from the FBI’s Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), a home decor thief can leave behind a lasting impression on the owner.

“When a person breaks into an occupied home and takes away a home decoration, that person can create a lasting, negative impression on that homeowner,” said Jason Farr, head of the FBI-HSI Office of Intellectual Property Enforcement.

The thief can also cause an emotional distress for the owner, which is a violation of the U.S. Copyright Act.

According a recent report from CBS News, the home decor theft rate for a given year in 2017 was about 10 percent.

That was a slight improvement from the past three years.

“The biggest deterrent to home decor thefts is the homeowner’s personal information,” Farr said.

“Homeowners should not let this type of theft go unpunished.”

Home decor thieves are usually looking for something they can steal, so they usually take things like paintings and artwork, and other decorative items.

They also often leave behind items like pillows, blankets, and furniture, Farr added.

The U.K. government has identified over 4,000 home decor thieves and nearly 2,000 suspects.

But there are many other types of home decor stolen and the government can’t be everywhere.

Home decoration thieves are generally small businesses, so the government is trying to catch them.

“If you’re a thief who has a small business, it can be hard to get caught, but you’ll need to be careful,” Farg said.

Farr said home decor can be stolen from as many as 1,000 homes per year, and up to two people can steal a home.

“Some of the cases we have identified have been a few months old, but we’ve also identified some cases that have been around for a few years,” he said.

“Most of the burglars are from the suburbs, so there’s no way to get to them, but they can take anything that they like.”

The FBI says there are several ways home decor sellers can prevent a burglary.

“They can get rid of the item by removing the items from the home and replacing them with new items,” Farrow said.

If you or someone you know has been a victim of a home ornament theft, call the FBI.

If you think someone else is a home jewelry thief, call Crime Stoppers at 800-222-TIPS or visit