How to buy a ‘decor steal’

A clever burglar can steal a $1,000 Christmas gift card from a busy New York City office without being caught.

The thieves use a hidden card reader hidden inside the back of a large, white, wooden box to open a locked door in a building where it’s easier to access the money than the usual cash register.

They then take the card from the back and use it to open the front door of the office where they leave it there, without any money or keys.

They then spend the rest of the night at the office, using the card to buy expensive gifts.

A security camera caught the theft on video.

It’s one of the most cunning Christmas thefts ever filmed, and the criminals had to be caught.

The burglars have a card reader inside a wooden box in a Manhattan office, but they leave the card reader out of the picture.

What they did with the card After opening the door of their Manhattan office in early December, the thieves stole $1.5 million in cash and an iPod from the cash register in the back.

With the money they took, they went back to their Brooklyn office, where they got another $900,000 in cash.

Then they went to the Bronx office and bought a $500,000 house.

The burglars also got a car and a new SUV.

Their plan was to leave behind a record of their Christmas spending that would be made public when they were arrested.

The thieves took the card readers hidden inside large, wooden boxes to open their doors and then use it as a card to open doors in New York’s Times Square.

The video shows them opening the front doors without any cash or keys, leaving behind a small, empty card reader in the slot inside.

They also left a hole in the box with the money and left the card in the hole.

But they left the slot for the cash.

The cards will go back into circulation after the criminals are caught, but the thieves have stolen thousands of dollars of cash and $1 million in gifts.