Why do we decorate our houses?

We decorate every aspect of our lives.

But when it comes to home decoration, most people just don’t know it.

What you might be missing out on is the most essential aspect of home decor: the story behind it.

In this guide, we will share with you the history behind our favorite pieces of decorative art, share with us the stories behind the art we love, and help you create your own.1.

The House That Was Built on a Ditch is a Doorway to the Past by David Hulsey and Daniel E. Jones3.

The Bicentennial Celebration by David Golland4.

The Treehouse by Mary Ann Duffy5.

The Wig by Mark Twain6.

The Pots by Mark Steiner7.

The Tiki Room by James Patterson8.

The Fence by Tom Hanks9.

The White House by David Copperfield10.

The Greenhouse by Jack Nicholson11.

The Garden by John Steinbeck12.

The Beach House by Martha Stewart13.

The Wall Street Bulldog by Richard Curtis14.

The Diner by Joe Pesci15.

The Mansion by Richard Rodgers16.

The Rooftop Garden by Martha Graham17.

The Pool by Bob Hope18.

The Bathtub by Marilyn Monroe19.

The Shoe Rack by James Dean20.

The Blue House by John Travolta21.

The Clock by J. Alfred Prufrock22.

The Glasshouse by James Stewart23.

The Living Room by Jane Fonda24.

The Lamp by Richard Linklater25.

The Mirror by Richard Wagner26.

The Christmas Tree by Alice Waters27.

The Bookcase by Michael Crichton28.

The Kitchen by Martha Stewart29.

The Carpet by Peter Sellers30.

The Chairs by George Balanchine31.

The Windowpane by George Bernard Shaw32.

The Lighthouse by Mary Oliver33.

The Door by Peter Rabbit34.

The Chair by Paul Newman35.

The Bedroom by Richard Gere36.

The Lounge by Robert Redford37.

The Desk by Steven Spielberg38.

The Floor by Jane Campion39.

The Cabin by Joe Hill40.

The Garage by Jack Lemmon41.

The Cuckoo Clock by Frank Sinatra42.

The Couch by George Wendt43.

The Cabinet by James Dickey44.

The Dresser by Edith Piaf45.

The Barbecue by George Burns46.

The Radio by Robert Altman47.

The Guitar by Stevie Wonder48.

The TV by Bill Murray49.

The Sash by Robert Mitchum50.

The Swivel Chair by James Garner51.

The Table by Mark Frost52.

The Shelves by Jane Austen53.

The Piano by John Williams54.

The Coffee Table by Jules Verne55.

The Rug by Tom Jones56.

The Stove by Harry Potter57.

The Doll by Annie Oakley58.

The Key by Mark Hamill59.

The Phone by Bill Cosby60.

The Microwave by Michael Caine61.

The Clothesline by Stephen Hawking62.

The Music Box by Tom Petty63.

The Camera by Michael Jackson64.

The Spinner by Elvis Presley65.

The Bicycle by Ray Charles66.

The Pot by Jack Benny67.

The Candlestick by Stephen Stills68.

The Pen by Mark Mothersbaugh69.

The Hanging Wall by Robert Palmer70.

The Wheel by Harry Styles71.

The Mower by Jimi Hendrix72.

The Ladder by John Lennon73.

The Wooden Stairs by Edna St. Vincent74.

The Sign by Tom Waits75.

The Candle by John Oates76.

The Map by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow77.

The Statue by James Baldwin78.

The Bottle by Charles Dickens79.

The Paintbrush by David Furnish80.

The Picture Frame by James Joyce81.

The Sandals by Tom Sawyer82.

The Baby Chair by Edvard Munch83.

The Slipper by Mark Tatum84.

The Pillow by Robert Louis Stevenson85.

The Paper Clip by Ralph Waldo Emerson86.

The Shoes by Marilyn and George by Marilyn Manson87.

The Post Office by John F. Kennedy88.

The Painting by Robert Mapplethorpe89.

The Spoon by Neil Young90.

The Ballroom by Elton John91.

The Cup by Bob Dylan92.

The Pipe by George Gershwin93.

The Telephone by Billy Joel94.

The Bench by George Harrison95.

The Gourd by Andy Warhol96.

The Suitcase by Mark Cerny97.

The Cigarette by Bob Marley98.

The Vase by Paul McCartney99.

The Flower by Michael Jordan100.

The Shoebox by James Brown101.

The Bucket by Bob Fosse


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