How to make rustic wall decor, decorating with stencils

When we were young, we would decorate our living room and bedroom walls with colorful stickers, spray paint, stenciling and other DIY materials.

Now, DIY decorating is gaining traction thanks to Pinterest, Instagram and other social media platforms, as well as more affordable DIY kits from Etsy.

But how can you DIY decorate a room with this DIY kit?

Read on for our tips on how to DIY decorated a home with these materials.

What you’ll needStep 1: Start with your existing decor.

We suggest starting with a basic white wall or tile, as the color is what will serve as the base for the stencil.

Step 2: Take some pictures of your existing wall decor to make a stencil template.

This will give you a reference for the decor you’ll use for your project.

Step 3: Decorate your wall with stickers, stencher pens, decor stickers and paint.

The more colors you choose, the more you can have the effect of the decor.

Step 4: Take the decor sticker to a stencher pen.

You can use a pencil or paintbrush, or just use a stencer pen to make the stenching.

Step 5: Once you have a stenched design, spray it with paint.

Once it is dry, cut it out with a sharp knife.

Step 6: Apply the decor stickers to the wall.

You want the stickers to cover the entire surface of your wall, and are easiest to apply with a small brush or marker.

Step 7: Brush the wall with a spray paint.

Paint the stickers over the decor and spray them with paint on the edges to cover up the decor, but leave the design area alone.

Step 8: Repeat this process for all of the walls in the room.

You could also add a few more decorations and add more stickers to add more interest to your decor.

This is a fun and simple DIY project to help you create a rustic, chic, rustic-themed home decor.

It can be done on a budget, and there’s no time limit to finish.

The best part is, you can create the DIY kits to your heart’s content.


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