I love the front porch decoration idea in your video

I’ve seen plenty of people talking about how to get the front doors to look nice for their backyard or for someone who has lived in the house for a while.

You could make your front doors a bit more inviting, and maybe you could even make them so that you can see in. 

In a video posted on YouTube, designer David Smith shows off his front porch renovation project.

He created an all-in-one project that includes a custom door knob, sliding door cover, and a custom grille.

In the video, Smith uses a custom-made wood frame to create a custom knob, which you can use to adjust the size of the door knob.

The knob is then attached to a custom metal grille that can be attached to the front door frame.

The grille slides over the door frame and can be adjusted to make the door look like a natural-looking wood grille, or you can have the grille be a bit of an homage to the original.

The video ends with the video showing the door that’s being remodeled.