Why I Hate Wall Mirrors

It’s been a while since we’ve had a full-on love story with wall mirrors.

But it looks like the love of my life is now back, as I am excited to share a few details about the first time she had one.

Read on to learn how to decorate your own mirrors!

First, let’s get the good news out of the way: the first mirror I bought was a full size mirror, which is not very big.

So that means it doesn’t do much, but it’s not too big either.

That means it has an adjustable height, which I think is very nice.

I think it looks pretty good.

My husband, however, had a hard time fitting in the mirror when he was first trying to get one.

The mirror didn’t have the height to go in the middle, so I was going to have to try and get it to go all the way up.

After some trial and error, I ended up with a slightly bigger mirror, but with a smaller diameter than the first one I bought.

That made the mirror a little smaller, but still quite tall. 

Then, the problem of the mirror height.

My mirror had a base of 2.5″ in diameter and a height of 1″ so I needed to figure out how to get that to work on the first day I bought the mirror.

Luckily, I found a guide to the height of mirror bases online, which was easy to figure.

I then decided to adjust the height until the mirror was at my height and not my feet.

This way, I wouldn’t have to adjust it every time I tried to put it on. 

I used a set of 8×10 planks, so the first few weeks were relatively easy.

But after a while, the mirrors got taller and taller.

Then I started to notice some of the holes in the base of the mirrors were getting smaller and smaller.

They were still perfectly flat, but they weren’t perfectly flat as they should be. 

The mirror’s mounting screws would snap off.

So I had to figure how to make sure they wouldn’t.

So, I had them put some sandpaper down under the mirror and then screwed the screwdriver onto the screw head of the screw. 

That solved the problem. 

After a couple of weeks, I started getting bigger and bigger holes. 

At first, I thought it was a minor issue, but as I got more and more mirrors, I realized the screws that I was using to attach the mirrors to the base didn’t seem to be able to hold them all. 

So, I decided to take a second look at the screws and figure out what to do next. 

As you can see from the picture above, there were holes in both sides of the screws. 

These holes were about 2mm in diameter, but the picture shows that the holes were just 1mm in thickness. 

Once I figured out what I was doing wrong, I was able to fix the problem and then the problem was solved. 

And the next day, I put my new mirror in my kitchen. 

It’s been an interesting experience to be honest.

I had some initial thoughts about the mirror, including that it would be ugly, but I figured it was just me and I would get used to it.

I was wrong!

I had two mirrors. 

One is my husband’s, the other one is mine. 

This photo is my son’s. 

When he gets it home, he’ll see the mirror in the living room, so he won’t have any trouble putting it on when he comes back. 

Now, that’s a nice picture, but let’s talk about how to use the mirror’s screwdriver to get the screws to fit. 

First, you need to cut out a piece of cardboard.

It will make the screws much easier to use, and you can cut the cardboard to any length you like. 

Next, place the screws on the cardboard, and make sure the screws are positioned exactly where you want them. 

Don’t worry about the screw heads, they’ll stick out a little bit and this will keep the screws from sliding into the cardboard. 

Finally, take a piece from the wall.

Place it right next to the mirror screw.

Use a pencil or your finger to mark the hole where you plan to drill. 

If you don’t have a pencil, you can use your fingers or a small drill bit to mark where the hole is on the wall, but don’t worry if it doesn’s a little hard to get it right. 

To make sure you have a perfectly straight hole, take your screwdriver and place it right in the center of the hole. 

You can make a very nice “skein” out of it if you have the space. 

Use the back of the pencil or the drill bit as a guide and start drilling a small hole in the wall you’re drilling. 

Try to keep the hole as straight


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