Christmas decorations are a bit of a headache

Decorating your house or room for Christmas is a bit tricky and, if you’re like me, the decorating can be a bit overwhelming. 

I’ve got a couple of Christmas decorations for sale that I’ve been wanting to get my hands on. 

Firstly, there’s the Christmas tree that I purchased from my local nursery last year. 

It’s a lovely tree and a really lovely one at that, but I wanted something a little bit different for Christmas. 

The tree is made out of a lovely white plastic sheet, which I think makes it a bit easier to work with. 

Secondly, there is the little lamp that I bought last year from my mum. 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like a Christmas tree, so I’m going to have to look for something else. 

This is what I came up with: Christmas decoration kit for a room of your own article I know what you’re thinking, “How did you make this? 

Why did you get the Christmas decoration kit?” 

I’m not the most skilled craftsman, but the Christmas decor kit is a great starting point if you want to add a touch of whimsy to your Christmas decor. 

First off, you need a couple more things. 

If you have a few different coloured sheets to choose from, you can buy them individually for £6. 

That’s right, £6 for a sheet of coloured Christmas decor sheet for the same price as a whole box of paints and some glue. 

You can buy the sheets for a single sheet or for two sheets, but if you are going to be using two, then you might as well buy the whole box. 

Then you need two plastic sheets, one with the festive colour and one with a different colour. 

When you buy the Christmas colour, you’ll need to get a bit more creative and go for the festive strip. 

Here are a few tips on how to get the right one for your room. 

Just make sure you choose one that’s not too shiny and that’s going to make the decorations pop a bit. 

A bit of glue goes a long way. 

Once you have the festive strips, you want them to be a little more of a ‘barnstormer’. 

I like to use a white plastic strip and a light grey plastic strip to add some sparkle to my Christmas decorating. 

For the Christmas strip, I went for a simple black strip with the Christmas theme on it. 

So, just add some light grey or white colour on top of it.

You can then use a few paint brushes to paint the festive coloured strips to give your decor a bit extra sparkle. 

But, before you start painting, you will want to have a look at how you are decorating your room to make sure that you have chosen the correct colour.

Here’s how you would start with your room: I started with the curtains. 

They are made out white plastic sheets with festive Christmas stickers on them. 

Each one has the Christmas message on it and is cut into six strips of different sizes. 

Next, I started with my Christmas decorations. 

There’s a number of different options here. 

One option is to get two plastic strips and glue them together, or you can go for a three-sheet kit. 

Another option is a simple white plastic. 

And finally, there are different sizes of Christmas trees that can be purchased. 

Some have a smaller tree and others have a larger one. 

In my case, I wanted to make my Christmas tree bigger and more festive. 

My first option was to get some white plastic strips, which was pretty easy. 

These were used to attach the Christmas lights to the Christmas strips, so they were easy to glue together. 

To make sure I got a nice little Christmas tree with a few Christmas decorations attached, I used glue. 

 Then, I glued the two Christmas strips together and used a piece of string to attach them to the festive tree. 

Finally, I attached the Christmas stripes to the plastic sheets and put the Christmas decorations on top. 

 I then used a paintbrush to paint over the Christmas colours to give my room a bit even-toned look. 

Christmas decorating kit for the room of yours  This Christmas decoration package is a little different from my other Christmas decor kits, but it does have a couple things in common. 

Unlike my previous Christmas decor, the kit includes the festive sheet, the Christmas ornament and the Christmas candle. 

As well as Christmas decorations, you also get a little booklet with some useful tips on decorating a room for a Christmas party. 

Of course, you’re going to need to find the Christmas Christmas decor you want, but this Christmas decoration will make a nice gift for your friends or family. 

Now, if your Christmas decorations aren’t the perfect size for your Christmas party