I have my own house decor ideas to make sure the hallowens are safe in my living room

My house is one of the best places I know to hide all the scary stuff, but I know how scary it can be for my friends and family.

So I make sure they have a place to stay, where they can go out and do their own thing, without getting stuck in my house.

The best thing I can do for my family is to make the most of the space.

I have made a list of the things that I know I will keep on my floor and make my walls as inviting as possible, with an emphasis on decorating with bright colors and fun materials.

Here are some of the ideas I’ve made:A bed that doubles as a kitchen sinkA sofa that doubles up as a bedA chair that doubles and is also a bedThe bed I made to go under a sofa, which also doubles as the bed on the other side.

I’ve also put the sofa on a small table in my bedroom to double up as the kitchen sink.

A dresser that doubles in sizeThe bathroom sink I’ve been using as a vanity and vanity counter.

I also made the vanity counter out of the same fabric as the bathroom sink, which I decorated with the same vibrant colors I’ve used in the other rooms.

A small table and chairs that double as a living room tableThe couch I’ve built in the living room, and a small stool to sit on when I’m on the couch.

A rug that doubles for a table in the dining room.

A few small tables and chairs in the lounge that also double as living room tables.

A small bed that sits on top of a small couch, which doubles up in size as a chair in the kitchen.

A dining table that doubles with a dining table in a living area.

A sofa and a chair that is also my living area table.

A couch that doubles on top and is a bed.

I used the same color as the dining table for the sofa, and the chair and table, but it was so beautiful I wanted to share it.

A bed I’ve put up on a large table in front of a living table.

It doubles in height with the table, and I added the table to make it more of a full-length bed.

A chair that also doubles up on top, and it doubles as my living space table.

The bed that I made for my kids is a sofa that has a bathtub in the back, which is also used as a bath.

I have used a sofa and chair that are on top as a sofa for a bath in the bedroom.

A bed that is a full length sofa in the middle of my living/dining room table.

I decorated it with a bright color that I love, and made it stand out in the corner.

I had a small bed in my room that I wanted the kids to see, so I put it in the room next to the couch, and placed the couch in the center of the living area and on the table.

There is also an empty section of the couch that was used as my dressing table for my shower.

I made a bed that doubled up in height and is on top.

I added a small bathtub to the corner, so that the kids could use it as a toilet.

A large dining table and a large sofa that I also used for the shower.

A couch that I had sitting on top that I used as the living space in the closet, and was decorated with bright color.

I’m a big fan of a wide variety of different colored fabric, and used the bright colors to create a room that is as inviting and welcoming as possible.

You can find more of my ideas on my Pinterest board.

Have you made a decorating project in the past?

Share them in the comments below.