Israeli troops fire warning shots during protests in occupied East Jerusalem

IDF soldiers fired warning shots in occupied Jerusalem on Wednesday as demonstrators chanted slogans and clashed with security forces, and the army warned protesters they would be liable to be prosecuted for incitement.

The protesters were marching to the occupied East Bank city of Nablus, where Palestinians are barred from voting.

Some protesters clashed with soldiers in the area and the soldiers fired rubber bullets at protesters, a military statement said.

The soldiers said they fired warning rounds at the protesters, causing minor injuries.

Several people were wounded in the clashes and were taken to hospitals in the West Bank, the statement said, without providing any details.

Demonstrators also threw stones and bottles at Israeli police who were trying to break up the march.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the violence was “provocative and dangerous” and said the army will hold those responsible to account.

Protests against the planned relocation of the U.N. headquarters from Jerusalem to Jerusalem have been ongoing since the start of the year, but tensions have increased in recent weeks.

The Israeli Supreme Court is currently considering whether the city’s Jewish majority should be allowed to vote in a local election.

The court will decide on whether the Jerusalem municipal elections should take place, but Israel has not agreed to the request.

The United Nations has also called on Israel to move the headquarters, saying it could harm the prospects of peace efforts.

The U.S. has criticized Israel for blocking the U