My first real apartment in a year

The first time I saw my apartment was a year ago, and it’s still standing!

I have had to move on with life, but I’ve had a ton of fun making new memories and sharing them with others.

I’ve been to several homes in a row now, and every time I’ve been in the same place, I’ve seen something different, and I’ve grown to love my home!

The new home has changed so much since I first moved in.

I think I have a pretty good handle on what to expect, so I’m just excited to share my new experience!

The new space I live in is located in a nice apartment building in the center of London, England.

It’s right next to the National Maritime Museum, so when I first got here, I was immediately greeted by a huge wall mural, and a mural of a sea lion!

The room I live and work in is so big that I can’t even fit all my belongings into the space!

This mural was one of the first things I had to make sure I had in my room!

The rest of the room is covered with art and books, so there’s plenty to browse and read!

I’ve spent the past year making a lot of new memories in my new apartment.

I have lots of books, paintings, and art to share, so here’s what I’ve learned so far:The walls are covered with lots of paintings, which are really fun to look at!

I love hanging out with my family and friends and making new friends!

The books are great to read while I’m doing my job, or just hanging out when I’m not at work.

I love my new place!

I’m enjoying it so much, and am looking forward to living in it for a while!

I feel more connected to my surroundings than I ever have before, and have a great sense of humor!

In my old apartment, I never felt like I had anything to look forward to.

It was really empty, and not very interesting!

Now, I feel like I can enjoy it all!

I like the new space, but it’s also a bit overwhelming.

I’ve also noticed a new type of home that is being built in my area, and that’s the bedroom.

I love the way it looks, and love the different patterns and textures of the walls.

I feel really connected to the walls, and the space in general.

The wall mural in my bedroom has changed a lot.

The wall is now painted white, and there’s a lot more detail to the mural.

I just love the change!

It feels like it’s a big step forward!

My new bedroom has been a big part of my life for the past few years!

It’s a huge, beautiful room, with a lot going on!

I also have a new painting to share with my roommate!

Living in my home has been amazing!

I’ve got tons of books and paintings to share and read, and we’ve had lots of great conversations.

I’m getting to spend time with my friends in the room, which has made it so easy to talk to them.

I still have so much to do!

A new mural in our new bedroom made me feel more comfortable and welcomed!

I just wanted to share this with everyone, and share it with all of you!


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