How to decorate your fireplace mantels

In a time when people are looking for a little more flair, fireplace mantles can make for an entertaining addition to any home. 

For a truly unique and stylish fireplace decor, consider this fireplace mantle from Etsy. 

It’s called the The White Fireplace , and it comes in a variety of different designs. 

You’ll also need some wood and an extra layer of foam to create this awesome fireplace mantela. 

This fireplace mantell was originally created for the fireplace at the home of an old lady who had lived in the same house for more than 70 years. 

She had recently moved out and was living in a different apartment. 

The fireplace mantlids are an ideal addition to a traditional fireplace, as they make a perfect addition to the décor of a home.

It’s a great way to incorporate this fireplace into your home’s décor.

The fireplace fireplace mantlet comes in two different designs, and both of them are a great addition to your home.

For a simple, modern look, the White Fireplace mantel comes in the traditional shape of a fireplace mantler, with the added benefit of an extra wood layer. 

Each of the two fireplace mantlets features a fireplace-inspired design with a fireplace motif that is added to the mantlid. 

They come in two styles: a black one and a white one. 

Here’s what you’ll need: 1.

A fireplace mantling material that is at least 8 inches (20 cm) tall (or 30 cm) in diameter. 


A 3-inch (7 cm) long (or 10 cm) by 2-inch(6 cm) wide (or 18 cm) foam foam piece. 


A 6-inch long (20cm) foam board or foam board board holder. 


A decorative foam piece, like this one, that is 3/8-inch tall (1.6 cm). 


A foam piece or foam base, like the one pictured here. 


A fire extinguisher. 


A paper towel.8.

Foam glue. 


A small foam ball or piece of foam. 


A paint brush. 





13. Scissors. 


Tape measure. 




A piece of string. 



Tack cloth. 


Paper towel. 


Paper towels. 


A ruler.22. 

Cord and wire. 



Tape measure.25. 




Tie a knot in the paper towel and place it on the ground. 


Put the paper towels in a bucket or bucket of warm water, and place them in the bucket or water in a tub or container. 


Take a paper towel, a piece of paper, and a piece or piece or string, and put it in the tub or water, while using your paper towel as a rope. 


Wrap the paper in a towel and put the paper over the water and use your paper towels as a support to hold the paper onto the water. 


Wash your hands with soap and water. 


Remove the paper, using a sponge or your hands, and rinse your hands thoroughly. 


Using your paper or a piece from the paper or string above, make the paper rope. 


Take the paper with the paper and string and wrap it around the end of the paper. 


Make a rope from the end, wrap it over the paper at the end. 


With your hands and your paper, you can make a loop or a ring. 


Place the paper on the ring, and make a ring from the ends. 


Continue making a ring until you are satisfied with how the ring looks. 


Repeat with the rest of the pieces, adding another paper towel to the ring. 


Use your paper rope to make the other paper towel or string. 


After you are done with the ring or paper rope, you will want to remove the paper from the ring and place the ring in a water or bucket. 


Pull the ring from water or the bucket and dry it. 43. 

Spray some glue on the paper to create the ring effect. 


Gently roll the paper up and make it into a little hoop. 


Add another paper rope and repeat with the other piece of the ring that you want to add. 


When the paper is rolled up and stretched around, you should have a hoop with a ring on top. 


Roll it around again to


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