How to Decorate a Bedroom and Dining Room

The easiest way to make the most of a bedroom, dining room or living room is to keep them clean.

This article will walk you through a few tips for decorating the room that will give you the best chance of making the most out of the space.


Place the Dining Table in a Good Spot 2.

Set a Dish Rack in the Right Spot 3.

Make Sure Your Table Is Fenced in to Avoid Any Contamination from Contaminated Food 4.

Have Your Kitchen Set up in a Way that Makes It Easier to Clean Up the Kitchen 5.

Make a Corner or a Wall for the Bedroom 6.

Have the Living Room Floor and the Bed Room Floor Set Up to Be Sturdy 7.

Add a Window or Wall for The Dining Area 8.

Use Tile and Gravel on the Walls and Wall Closets 9.

Add Larger Paintings and Paintings of Your Own for the Kitchen 10.

Make The Kitchen Decorative 11.

Add Decorative Screens 12.

Make Walls to Protect Your House 13.

Add A Gift Box for the Home 14.

Make the Kitchen More Affordable 15.

Make it Easy to Clean the Kitchen 16.

Make Your Own Furniture for The Kitchen 17.

Add Art and Furniture 18.

Add Furniture to the Bathroom 19.

Add Paintings to the Diner 20.

Add New Items to the Kitchen 21.

Add More Furniture in the Bathrooms 22.

Make It Fun to Move the Kitchen 23.

Add Accessories for The House 24.

Add Gifts for The Living Room 25.

Add Other Furniture To The Diner 26.

Add the Kitchen to The Kitchen and Bathrooms 27.

Add another Dining Box 28.

Add Some Furniture Accessories to The Diners Room 29.

Add The Dine Room Wall Closer to the Living Area 30.

Add Wall Screens to the Walls 31.

Add more Furniture and Accessories for the Bath Room 32.

Add decorative art to the kitchen 33.

Add your own Furniture or Accessories for your Living Room 34.

Add some decoration to the dining room 35.

Add decorations to the bedrooms 36.

Add extra curtains to the bedroom 37.

Add additional decorations to your kitchen 38.

Add wall decor for the dining area 39.

Add an additional decorative wall to the bathroom 40.

Add new furniture in the dining and bedroom 41.

Add other furniture and accessories for the living room 42.

Add carpeting to the living area 43.

Add cushions to the floor 44.

Add walls to the walls 45.

Add curtain rods to the door 46.

Add curtains to all walls in the living and dining room.


Add doors and windows for the Diners and Living Rooms 48.

Add shelves for the bedrooms 49.

Add furniture in your dining room 50.

Add accessories for your living room 51.

Add rug to your dining area 52.

Add pillows and blankets in your living area 53.

Add tables and chairs to the table 54.

Add chairs to your living and bedroom 55.

Add vanity mirrors in the bedroom 56.

Add hanging vanity mirrors and other accessories for bedroom 57.

Add mirrors in your bedroom 58.

Add wallpaper to your bedroom 59.

Add tiles to the wallpaper in your bathroom 60.

Add window coverings to your bathroom 61.

Add glass to the windows in your kitchen 62.

Add tile and concrete flooring in your kitchens kitchen 63.

Add fireplace mantels to your bathrooms 64.

Add lighting in your bedrooms 65.

Add wood floors to your bedrooms 66.

Add fireplaces in your bathrooms 67.

Add paint to your baths 68.

Add flooring to your kitchens 69.

Add decor to your rooms 70.

Add door and window trimming in your rooms 71.

Add ceiling tiles to your walls 72.

Add trim to your ceilings 73.

Add mirror bars in your baths 74.

Add table cloths in your houses 75.

Add cloth to your tables 76.

Add shelf cloths and furniture to your cabinets 77.

Add bedding to your beds 78.

Add towels to your showers 79.

Add pillowcases to your bath tubs 80.

Add bookshelves in your home 81.

Add bookcases and shelves to your homes 82.

Add art pieces in your homes 83.

Add paintings in your apartment 84.

Add jewelry to your jewelry 85.

Add dresser drawers in your house 86.

Add lampshades to your houses 87.

Add coffee mugs in your own home 88.

Add kitchen cabinets to your own homes 89.

Add storage closets in your new home 90.

Add refrigerator in your existing home 91.

Add pantry drawers to your house 92.

Add laundry baskets to your new house 93.

Add large shelving unit in your newly built home 94.

Add cabinets in your current home 95.

Add shelving units to your existing homes 96.

Add small shelving area in your previously built home 97.

Add closet to your newly completed home 98.

Add dishwasher in your recently completed home 99.