The world’s most expensive dining room decoration

Living rooms are designed for people, not the other way around, and when the price tag of $1,500 a square foot starts to pile up, you start to wonder how this can be a luxury for a middle-class person in Canada.

While the idea of a fancy dining room has been around for a long time, it wasn’t until the mid-2000s that there was a cottage industry around it.

Designer Paul H. Lees of Design and Architecture in the Land of the Rising Sun designed his living room furniture in the style of the early 19th century, with the added benefit of adding a bit of decorative light to help bring out the beauty of the room.

He said it’s important to be able to “get out of the house and get outside, because that’s what you’re doing.”

This design was so popular that it made the cover of The Globe and Mail.

The story, entitled “A room designed to evoke the spirit of its subject, and not just to impress, is a true story,” went on to explain that this type of design has helped to define the modern dining room, with a more contemporary look than what you’d see in a contemporary room.

Leys said he was inspired by the designs of his ancestors, who were originally from India, and that they were a “greatly different people” to what he’s trying to create.

He’s known for his work in the fields of architecture and urban design, but he’s also known for designing furniture, a style that he believes is both contemporary and modern.

While Lees’ design is one of the most famous of its kind, there are many others who have come up with similarly ornate designs.

The designs below are just a few examples of the various designs that have been produced over the years.

Living room furniture, décor and lighting designer, Paul H Lees.

(Paul H. Lefes Architects)