How to Make a Starry Night at Your Home With a Decorating Kit

If you are new to decorating and want a simple way to spice up your home, this tutorial may be for you!

If you like to create a look that can be worn throughout the year, this is for you.

This DIY DIY DIY starry night decorating project is so simple and quick, you won’t even know you’re making anything at all. 

Here are some ideas to get started: Here’s what you will need:1.

A light bulb that is between 1 and 2 inches (5 to 6 cm) in diameter.

I chose a 3-inch bulb that I found in the bathroom supply store, but you could also use a 2-inch lamp if you have one.


A white or white and blue decorative strip, like this:3.

A decorative stain, like these:4.

A black or white candle holder, like the one pictured below:5.

A spray bottle of candle wax:6.

A few paints to start:7.

A wooden frame:8.

A piece of wood for the candle holder:9.

A small amount of glue to glue your fabric to the frame:10.

A screwdriver:11.

A wire cutter:12.

A hammer:13.

A paintbrush:14.

A toothbrush:15.

A brush for brushing on fabric:16.

Some glitter:17.

A couple of paper towels:18.

Some colored paint to paint the curtains and the kitchen wall.19.

A paper towel holder:20.

A large plastic bowl:21.

A cup holder:22.

A plastic cup holder for making cups:23.

A big knife for slicing and dicing fabric:24.

A spoon:25.

A ruler:26.

A pencil:27.

A needle:28.

A nail clippers:29.

A knife:30.

A candle holder holder:31.

A bowl of glue:32.

A towel:33.

A bottle of paint:34.

A bit of glue for a candle holder nail clipper:35.

A tiny plastic ruler:36.

A sheet of paper:37.

A sharpie:38.

A pen:39.

A mask:40.

A jar of paint for the door:41.

A water bottle:42.

A roll of bubble wrap:43.

A box of paints:44.

A handful of paper towel towels:45.

A bag of glitter:46.

A little white cloth:47.

A pair of scissors:48.

A picture frame:49.

A tape measure:50.

A glue gun:51.

A vacuum cleaner:52.

A set of needle nose pliers:53.

A flathead screwdriver54.

A flashlight:55.

A camera:56.

A hair brush:57.

A razor blade:58.

A rag:59.

A red paint brush:60.

A sewing machine:61.

A hand sanitizer:62.

A zip lock bag:63.

A dry erase marker:64.

A cloth napkin:65.

A t-shirt:66.

A mug:67.

A notebook:68.

A washcloth:69.

A bandana:70.

A newspaper:71.

A tube of spray paint:72.

A stick of butter:73.

A pillowcase:74.

A marker:75.

A rubber band:76.

A condom:77.

A sponge:78.

A dildo:79.

A shower cap:80.

A book:81.

A spare key:82.

A note card:83.

A mirror:84.

A tissue:85.

A stack of coins:86.

A photo album:87.

A map:88.

A glass of water:89.

A gallon of water, which is about 2 liters:90.

A packet of nail polish remover:91.

A bunch of glitter and a tiny tube of glitter glue:92.

A toy:93.

A bucket of nail clippings:94.

A quart of spray foam:95.

A pack of paint thinner:96.

A disposable needle:97.

A package of glitter, which costs about $4.50:98.

A metal plate:99.

A kitchen sink:100.

A cookie cutter:101.

A zipper:102.

A magnet:103.

A broom handle:104.

A cardboard box:105.

A napkin with a ribbon:106.

A scrap of white fabric:107.

A strip of paper with a picture of a star on it:108.

A blanket:109.

A container for glue:110.

A bar of soap:111.

A thermometer:112.

A measuring cup:113.

A cotton pad:114.

A matchstick:115.

A crayon:116.

A magnifying glass:117.

A chalkboard:118.

A tin can:119. A baby


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