When is the best time to decorate your home?

The best time for a decorating session is now, according to a survey of more than 100 people.

While it’s still possible to do your home in a less than aesthetically pleasing way, a lot of people think it’s best to start off with a more pleasing look.

It’s not just for those with a big family or someone who is more comfortable with using the kitchen.

The survey, conducted by the consulting firm Brandeis University, found that most people were happy with their homes’ decor, even if they were hesitant to give them a big renovation job.

“People are happier with their home,” said Rachel Hsu, a senior editor at Brandeise University and the survey’s lead author.

“The majority of people who responded to this survey said that they would be satisfied with their house and their home would be ‘just right’ for them.

People were not saying that they had to completely redo their house to make it more ‘perfect,’ but that they wanted to be able to ‘see the beauty’ in their house.”

The survey also found that those who have a lot to do and want to make sure they have a space to work and do the dishes and dishes need to start with a new look and finish with a clean, clean look.

It’s also worth noting that most respondents were happy about how they look in their home, said Hsu.

“There is a lot that can go wrong with decorating a home and you’re not going to want to do it the way you do it if you want to have it look as good as possible,” she said.

“It’s best for you to start by getting the overall shape of your home right.”

The final step in decorating is finding a way to make your home feel inviting and inviting to others, Hsu said.

That means having a home that has a few different types of decorations in it, which are then combined together to create a cohesive look.

The most popular decorations included a door frame, a tree in the yard and an armchair that is decorated with stuffed animals.

Other popular choices included a wall of windows, a fireplace, a wall hanging and a bed.

“You want to use a lot different decor elements in your home, including furniture, furniture pieces, plants and textures, so it’s important to make that space feel inviting,” Hsu told ABC News.

“If you can, then you can really be successful with a home design if you can have that feeling of being connected with other people.”

The findings are important for those who are planning a big wedding, where the wedding hall, guest rooms and reception area are often packed.

It can also help with guests who might want to stay away from the main room or have a smaller space for people to come and sit in.

Hsu said the survey shows that many people are open to the idea of a big house renovation.

“We think people can really embrace the idea that they’re going to be the ones who get a major renovation, so we think this really adds a big dimension to it,” she told ABCNews.

“People love the idea and they love that they can look their best in the house.”


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