How to make a ‘mantl’ fireplace mantel

You might have seen mantels around the country, but what about the traditional wood-burning fireplace mantels?

It’s a pretty popular pastime, but do they work? 

If you’ve never made a mantel before, there are some things you need to know.

I am not a fireman, so I don’t know what you need, but I do know that you need a fireplace mantell.

If you can’t afford to buy one, or you don’t want to, you could always make one yourself.

Here are some tips and tricks to get you started.


Make a basic one The basic fire mantel is simple.

You can use whatever wood you have lying around.

You just need a small piece of wood and a couple of nails.

Put the wood in a cupboard, and put the nails on top of the wood.

Use the tips below to help you make your own.

1) You can put any kind of wood into the cupboard.

I’ve heard of mantel-making being done in a large pot of water.

I don.

It’s just so simple, and it saves you some effort.

2) Make sure the mantel isn’t too big.

You’ll want it to fit around your fireplace.

It should sit in the bottom of the fireplace.

3) Put some kind of material over the wood, like some kind the material you’d use for a rug.

It will help to cover the wood with some sort of wood glue or plastic.

4) You’ll need a bit of glue or glue gun.

I recommend a thick, thick plastic sheet, and I suggest a cheap plastic sheet.

It doesn’t matter which material you use, it will be a little heavier.

5) You will need to make the wood and the glue on the mantels.

I used a cheap, old, tin nail.

If your wood is a little more fragile, you might want to use a metal nail, such as a small nail from a drill.

I found that a piece of plastic pipe with a hole in it worked great.

You should make the glue by putting a piece or two of glue into the hole and then covering it with a piece from a nail.

6) Add a piece to the base of the mantell and put it on top.

This is where you will need the nail, or something to cover it with.

7) You might need a little glue gun to make sure it sticks.

You might also need to bend a little bit of wood in the centre of the base to make it stick.

I just used a small, blunt piece of wooden wood.

If this is too much for you, you can make a smaller piece of the same size, and cut it to the same length.

You don’t need a big, thick piece of glass or something like that.

8) Use some glue or wood glue to hold the wood together.

You want to keep the wood glued to the mantl.

9) Place a small glass bowl on top and stick a piece in the middle of the bowl.

I like to put a few nails on each end of the nail to hold it in place.

You could also use a piece that is about the size of a thumbnail.

10) When the nail is set, push the wood back into the bowl with your nail.

You’re done! 

You can see how this is done by taking the nail out of the hole, and then carefully pushing it back in again. 

You’ll notice that you’re not using glue, but rather wood glue.

This glue will hold the nails in place, and will be much stronger. 

Next, you will want to make some glue on top, and make sure you don´t use too much. 

Don´t worry if you have to buy more glue.

I am not going to tell you how to make too much, but you should be able to get away with just about anything. 

If your fireplace mantle isn’t sticking to your fireplace, it may be too small.

If so, you may need to put more glue on to get it to stick.

You may also need some sort a plastic sheet that you can glue into place on top to hold in place and protect it from the fire. 

Now that you have some basic ideas, you should have something to build.

I have made a small mantel that I use to cook with, and a larger mantel for a patio. 

For a small fireplace mantelle, I used some glue, and plastic pipes. 

I have a mantler that I used for a bathtub.

It works very well, and looks beautiful, but it doesn’t work very well for a fireplace. 

And a larger fireplace mantl for a terrace would look much better. 

When you are finished with the mantles, you don�t have to worry about


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