Home decor stores are taking on the ‘wall of shame’

More than 100 stores across the country are launching stores with a focus on the “Wall of Shame” of what people consider their “worst home decor store” to highlight what many say is the “worst” stores for home decor in the United States.

Home Depot, Lowe’s, Target and Macy’s have all announced they will take part in the initiative, which aims to educate consumers and the public on how they can make informed choices about their home decor, a theme that extends to the likes of designer Marc Jacobs and the designer of the beloved Star Wars film trilogy.

“The Wall of Shame has been a problem for years, but now it’s really becoming a problem that affects everyone, including our neighbors,” said Tim Buehner, senior vice president of marketing for Home Depot, in a statement.

“We’ve heard your stories, and now we’re launching a program to educate the public and the retailers about the worst home decor stores in America, so they can take control of their home.”

For consumers, it means making the best choices for their decor, and Bueker added, “It also means making sure you do the research to find the right home decor.”

The campaign will run for six months, and is aimed at “the millions of people who have been shopping at the worst stores,” Buehler said.

“They’ll see how we know what the stores are, and we’ll be able to educate them so they make informed decisions.”

Home Depot is the No. 1 overall home decor retailer in the country, with over 12 million customers.

Target has been at the top of the list since it opened in 2003, but the retailer has recently struggled in recent years.

Target, which is owned by Wal-Mart, has been in a legal battle with the U.S. government over its ability to keep more than $100 billion in profits.

The company has had to make several rounds of layoffs to stay afloat, and announced last year that it was going to buy discount home decor company BrandHome for $4.8 billion.

The campaign is a response to the “Dumbest Home Decor” campaign launched in 2012 by the BrandHome founder and founder of the “dumbest home decor” blog, Marc Jacobs.

Jacobs told the Wall Street Journal in 2015 that his site was the most influential in “dispelling the myth that home decor is stupid.”

Home Depot has been an advocate of “free-range” and “organic” ingredients for its products, but has also been criticized for its poor consumer service.


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