A new decor steals your Christmas and presents it to you

A new piece of decorative wall decor steals the Christmas mood from your home.

The Wall St. Journal recently published an article detailing the work of an artist named Burke decor steals, which is a term used to describe someone who steals the spirit of Christmas.

Burke’s style of decoration is unique, with his pieces being created in a way that looks like a traditional Christmas tree.

He says that while his work is a bit of a mix of traditional and modern, he wants to share his love of Christmas with everyone.

Here’s a quick look at Burke’s works.

Burkes work is based off a series of sculptures and is actually based on a collection of murals he’s been doing for years.

He calls his work “drama,” and says that the pieces are designed to make people’s hearts light up.

His latest piece, the Christmas tree, comes with a wooden handle that he says looks like it was used by a tree.

When you pull the handle open, you’ll find yourself surrounded by beautiful Christmas trees, decorations and trees all together.

He said that he started by drawing out his ideas and working with a large painting company to get them exactly right.

Burks work is something that is a great addition to any home decor.

The decor can be done as a gift, or used as an accent to decorate your home or office.